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On 03/02/05 Cyndy, Tommy, & Jim Pearce wrote:
I have known you and your family for a long time so I understand to some extent why you are making this change in your lives. Many of us talk about changing the world. This is certainly a direct answer to that issue and in the name of God. Obviously, we wish the entire Colker Group well in this endeavor. It will be very intetresting to follow you and the family as the adventure gets into high gear.

We will stay in touch and pray for you and your mission.

Cyndy, Tommy, & Jim

On 03/07/05 The Lequire Family wrote:
(This entry typed while talking to Jeff on the phone going over his plans.) I have known from my first meeting with this Brother that there was a Spiritural calling beyond the Colker Group, we rarely talked business after our first meeting, his passion, like mine, are for the good things of God. I ask every Christian to obey the Scripture and Pray for this effort. Who knows, it may bring You closer to God! Prayer changes things!

On 03/10/05 The Austin Family wrote:
Holy Cow!! This is all so incredible!! The kids were discussing ways earlier to see how they too can become Missionaries... What an example ~living for Christ~ you are setting to those who bear witness to your lives... And to think 'our' Colker family has not yet even left Duluth!! We love you and miss you already...

On 03/12/05 Rob & Janet McDonald,Jr & Family wrote:
Although, we've only gotten to know the 'Colker Clan' in the last year or so, Jeff & Pam are the prime example of believers that "Walk their talk." When Jeff told me back on Jan 20 of this year what the Lord was calling he and Pam into, I nearly wrecked my semi!! What courage and faith!! As we all know sometimes a calling from the Lord is crazy by the worlds standards. God bless the Colker family. Amen!!

On 03/13/05 Bryan & Nella Gillespie wrote:
Wow! We admire your commitment to this mission and pray that God will continue to lead you during this journey. Will you still be able to update your website with the latest family news from the Ukraine? We'll certainly be interested in hearing how things are going for you guys!

On 03/13/05 Ned Benton wrote:
Jeff and family, I thank God for your faith and for your committment to the mission that God has given you. I pledge to be a constant prayer warrior for the Colker family and will keep in touch with you. may God bless and provide for your needs to accomplish this mission in His name. It has been a blessing to know you and your family and I thank God for the time He loaned you to us. May your delight always be in Him and may He always be delighted in you and your service in His kingdom.

On 04/04/05 Roger & Marsha Hurd wrote:
I first met Jeff in a professional role.I was impressed by his enthusiasm for his business, how excited he was about the products he represented. Then he introduced me to his family via his deep love for each one. Then, when he spoke of his "First Love" he was off the chart excited! I feel honored to know one with such faith. Although I feel so unworthy, my hope is one day I will hear "You have been faithful over a (few) things....". The Colker family have taken a giant leap and are being faithful over many things. Surely the Lord will bless this act of faith!

On 04/06/05 Ana Henry wrote:
I just don't know how your family takes care of all those kids, has pets, and are missionaries all at the same time! For me it's already hard enough to do my chores and help with my sister. I really respect you. I know that God will help you through it all.

On 04/23/05 Donna McDaniel wrote:
Jeff, It has been great keeping up with your family and the Missions on this website. We will miss seeing you at Scouts. I am praying for you and the entire family. I am sure that the Lord will use y'all in mighty ways, that we cannot even imagine now! God Bless you all! Thanks for your friendship and caring for the James and Allen through Scouting!
Donna McDaniel & family

On 06/13/05 The Gottschalk family wrote:
Since working with Jeff and Pam in Scouting, I have always been inspired by the Colker families ability to move mountains with abundant faith inspired energy. Jeff and Pam, you are people truly blessed with the power of God and will no doubt move may more mountains. Good luck and keep us informed of your journey.

On 06/17/05 Dan Overholt wrote:
I just wanted to let you know how awesome it is that you are responding to the Lord's call to reach out to the children of Ukraine. My wife and I have seen, first hand, the need that exists both physical and spiritual for the orphans. What a "coincidence" that I stumbled across your website! May the Lord bless you richly as you respond to His call to share the love of Christ!!

On 07/05/05 John Loye wrote:
HI Jeff! This is John from Lebanon, Pa. Remember Lebanon YWAM? Mr. John. How are you doing? How are Pam and the kids? Well I just wanted to say Hello!

On 07/11/05 Henrietta wrote:
Jak sprave?

Here comes a greating from Sweden!
Thank you Jeff for the 10 days in Sabatino.
I wish you all the best and I pray that God will keep you and your family!
I know that whatever comes he will bless you in your work in Ukraine and guide you throughout everything.

God Bless!
SLAVA BOHO! (praise God in ukrainian)

On 07/12/05 Jim and Sally Cherney wrote:
What an amazing story!
My wife Sally and I have four children (3 girls and a boy). God has called us out of our work-a-day world here in California to be missionaries in Slovakia. We will be living in Bratislava and working with Trans World Radio in September 2005 as career missionaries. Your web site is great! Keep up the good work.
In Christ,
Jim and Sally Cherney

On 07/23/05 Hannah Dunlap wrote:
Hey Greg,
This is Hannah Dunlap from Worldview Academy! I will be praying for you as you move to the Ukraine and we'll really miss you at WVA. You add a lot to the camp!

You'll be in my prayers as will your whole family. Keep looking to Christ in everything!

*GO PENGUINS! :) Too bad your team beat ours...*

In His Grip,
Hannah Dunlap

*Proverbs 3:5-6*

On 08/22/05 alex selifanov wrote:
I already and here
Simply I can not fall asleep
And pray for you and your family now
Let God will give you all
And me good English
alex selifanov

On 10/02/05 Linda, Sweden wrote:
(Preiviet) Hey Jeff! Hope you and your big family´re havinng a good time in Gods mission! Everything in Sweden is completely great! God is wonderful and he is doing a lot in my life and in my school. Take care and keep making Jesus happy! ;D - He is proud of you! A lots of hugs! - SLAVABOHO! (Ukrainian for "Praise God")

On 10/31/05 Sarah Egan wrote:
Hi! I'm pretty sure you know who I am. I love you all and I will miss you so much I cant even write it. I hope you succeed in Eukraine. (of course you will) I'll be praying for you.
Love Sarah

On 11/08/05 Maria Carter wrote:
Colker Family!
You guys have been such a blessing to me personally and my family in whole. Your courage and faith in God inspires me every time I am able to spend time with you. You will be missed. Thank you so much for being such loving people.


On 11/19/05 Veronica Dahlman wrote:
Hi this is Veronica from the swedish ywam team.. I'm thinking of you guys and Natalya and I pray for you as often as I remember=) Here is a bible verse for you: John 10:10 lots of love from Veronica

On 11/20/05 Maria Carter wrote:

You are actually leaving. I never thought this day would come. I wish we were able to spend more time together. Your family's presence is so calming, I enjoy you guys so much. This move is definitely a God thing. My prayers have been with you ever since this trip was starting to unfold. May God be with you and may you bless the people of Ukraine with your unconditional love and wonderful spirits.


On 11/20/05 Jef and Lee-Ann wrote:
Ya ochen rada chto vidit vashe zhelanya i vashe vera. vi budete molodets, ya veru. U vas est ochen klasna vebsait! Kak vi perevodil po ukrainskoe i russkoe yazikom? Do svidanya. hai og vas blagaslavit.

On 11/28/05 The Austin Family wrote:
Hi Guys...
We miss you...The fish are fine! We added to the company... What floor are you on? Is there snow? I still cannot believe you are gone. Ella keeps reminding me of the van 'breakdown.' Like I need a reminder. We are Praying for you all DAILY!! I Love Each of You... Oh, Pam... ~ GOD Bless You ~ Pamela and the rest of the Austin Clan

On 11/30/05 Judi Pierce-Barr wrote:
Hi Colker Clan,
Jeff, I'm not sure you remember me...we worked together with the whole bag-in-a-box stuff with ARCO...but, I love to read about how and where you all are.
God Bless you my friend and Godspeed.
Judi Barr

On 12/01/05 Lydia Bischoff in Latvia wrote:
Hey Kolker Family!
Welcome to this side of the world! So glad you guys made it! Love your updates... keep them coming!

Once you're all settled in, remember you need to make a trip north to see us here at YWAM Latvia!

On 12/16/05 Jacob Prosser wrote:
Colker Family,
I was here in my dorm room at UGA trying to figure out how I'm going to survive next semester, and something reminded me of you guys. I just pulled up the website, and I wanted to let you know that you are doing a wonderful thing. I wish all of you a merry Christmas. I miss you, and I hope that I can see you all again sometime.
- Jacob Prosser

On 12/27/05 Henrietta Liljedahl wrote:
Previet! Hi Colker family, it's so exiting to read about you all and you´re in my prayers. I hope that everything´s working out great, and that the blessings of God will help you throug all your hard times and good times. Here in Sweden it´s also snow! :)...I hope you all had a wonderful christmas! Love & Prayers, Henrietta (from the swedish YWAM team)

On 01/01/06 John Pitts wrote:
Hi, Colkers,
Where to start?? What an impact you all have on lives; including mine; so dramatically. May God continue to bless you all, keep you healthy, meet all your needs, and cause your faith to inspire many many others to take up the cross in whatever way He leads. I have so far to go, but I've come so far by His grace, helped by your example and encouragement.

On 01/01/06 Judy Sorum wrote:
Dear Colker family,

What a privilege it was for me to meet Jeff in his CDTS in Lebanon and to hear of his wonderful family and the dream you all shared for the Ukraine - and now you are there and I am sure you are all having a tremendous influence on all you meet. I've enjoyed getting to meet all the kids online & see your hearts for the children of the Ukraine. May God bless you all - may God meet all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Love, Judy sorum

On 01/02/06 Ken and Linda Steadman wrote:
Hi Jeff and family--
So proud of you and what you are doing for the Lord. Our prayers are with you. Ken and Linda Steadman (Deni's parents.)

On 01/08/06 The Austin Family wrote:
Hello Colker Clan! The Austin Clan misses you all and continues to pray for your health and HIS guidance! Would you be so kind as to send us some snow? We'll send you some brown sugar...!! And hey, I have some connections at Nestle, we may even throw in some real chocolate chips! GOD Bless You!! We Love You!!!

On 01/18/06 Mary and George Bauer wrote:
Hey Cokers,
I bet you never expected to hear from the Bauers. We are fine and hope you are also. I knew you went somewhere overseas, but Julie Kuhns at Motorscrubber told me where you were and gave me the address. I sure hope you are following your heart and where God leads you. That is what we did.
Say hello to all the family, and God bless. From Mary and George

On 01/30/06 Sue wrote:
Hello Jeff!
This is Sue from YWAM, lebannon.
Thank you for updating how you are doing in His lands. I'm always so excited to see how God works thru your ministries and with your family.
I have no doubt that your family is a blessing to Ukraine and God will pour out his love thru you!

For it is God sho works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose (Phil 2:13)

On 02/09/06 Coleen Franks wrote:
Hi Greg, Pam,

Enjoyed meeting you both at the writing class. Also, seeing your website. Gives me some ideas. God bless and keep writing.

On 02/10/06 Judy Martin wrote:
Jeff enjoy reading the information on your website and the pictures. God bless you and your family.

On 03/02/06 The Jennings-Crew wrote:
Greetings Colker Family,

We've just been looking over your website - What a blessing and an encouragement! Mark just spoke with Greg's former business associate Garey tonight at a Tres Dias meeting and he wrote down your website.

God has also called our family to missions. We will be leaving in 6 months for France - via training in Wales, UK. We have 4 boys ages 11-5 and we've been trying to figure out the logistics of getting us all from here to there with all we have. Wow, you inspire us! We will be praying for your family!

Mark & Becky Jennings & Boys (

On 04/10/06 Angela Griggs wrote:
I have missed you guys, God bless you all and your endevours, The kids are doing great as I hope your whole crew is as well. Our internet system is a little strange here at the county, but, the contact information is correct.

On 08/10/06 Guðrun wrote:
Hi guys! :)

Don't know, if you remember me (or my name) but i was in Ukraine about two weeks ago with the other 9 mebers of the team from The Faroe Islands.

Anyways, we all had a great time there, (exspecially at the Uhrzogord camp) and I just want to thank you for the time we spent together, and may God bless your work further!

Hope my English was understandable.... ;)

On 08/17/06 Sergiy Kulik wrote:
Dear Jeff,

I am Ukrainian and live in Ukraine. I have recently visited your site and  would like to send you a few words. Thank you very much for your decision ! It comes from your heart. I am sure your mission in Ukraine will be very successful and you will love it.

Please , share my very the best greetings with all your wonderful family. Good luck and God bless you !

Welcome to Ukraine - Laskavo prosymo !

Very sincerely
Sergiy Kulik,
Director of the High School

On 10/2/06 Hope G. wrote:
I was truly blessed by Greg's testimony Sunday at my church. Your family and mission will continuously be in my prayers. I pray that we will meet again on this side someday.
Your sister in CHRIST -- Hope

On 01/3/07 Judy Sorum wrote:
Dear Colker family,Wow - it's been a year since I last signed your guest book. I've spent the last 40 min. looking through all your photos. The photos from the orphanages/orphans camp/gypsies are haunting - the kids have so little. I'm so thankful the Lord has sent you there because I know you are making a huge difference in their lives. Psalm 91
Love, Judy Sorum

On 01/10/07 Rosen wrote:
You are doing great job guys. love you and miss you so much. i will pray for Greg and his school. love you all Rosen

On 03/21/07 Tom and Hanna wrote:
Message: Hi guys:) just an hallo from the Faroe Island, hope you are doing good and hope to see you again this summer:)Bless Tom & Hanna:)