Updated May 2009
Nation of Ukraine: Please pray for the government of Ukraine as it is once again in turmoil. The nation is divided between those who are pro-West and those who are pro-Russia. Please pray that God’s will be done in the direction the country chooses.
Ukrainian Orphans and Street Kids: Current figures indicate 200,000 kids between the ages of 2-17 living on the streets, mostly in Kiev. Orphanages house another estimated 200,000 children in crumbling facilities with inadequate heating, no air conditioning, horrible bathrooms, inadequate supervision, sparse meals, no job training and no training in practical life skills. The physical needs of the children need to be met. More importantly, the emotional and spiritual need of the children must be met. Please pray that the government of Ukraine will:

• Support and promote international and national adoption
• Provide adequate care for children in orphanages
• Allow foreigners to become foster parents of orphans
• Allow foreigners to operate private orphanages
• Encourage Ukrainians to not discriminate against orphans
• Educate Ukrainians about the plight of their nation’s children

Ukraine’s Spiritual Darkness: Communism and its atheist doctrine have ruined the fabric of this society.  We say in America that the family is under attack.  Here the family is dead and buried…literally with the average 30 year old woman having had 8 abortions all paid for by the government.  No one blinks an eye.  And even with all the abortions, thousands of babies who are "lucky" enough to be born every year wind up in orphanages where they are malnourished, undereducated, abused and forgotten by society at large.  More than half of all marriages end in divorce. Morality is so far at the other end of the spectrum it is frightening. Please pray that the Truth will set Ukraine free!

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