Eight down...

This week was an exhaustive study on spiritual warfare that left all of us drained, including the staff. For some it was not a new subject, but for others of us it was an eye-popping experience. The study was based on understanding, being prepared for and building the foundation needed to engage in the battle. The realization that the spiritual battle rages constantly and that we are participants whether we know or not, was chilling. There were stories and examples that demonstrated the awesome power of the Lord over the powers of Darkness. During the week we were once again challenged as to where we are spiritually, as highlighted in the statement;

"People may not live what they profess, but they will always live what they believe!"

With week eight now behind me, and only four more weeks of lecture left, I'm turning much of my attention to preparation for Ukraine. I am scheduled to leave on June 12th for Kiev. Now were just working on the logistics for my time in country.

Meanwhile, Pam continues to make preparations for the family's fall departure. Her "free time" is devoted to lots of paperwork! Applications for training and school, passports and visas! She is also making multiple trips to the doctor for physicals and innoculations, and to the dentist. Not to mention the continued process of selling or donating those things we can't take with us. Please keep her in your prayers.

Our financial needs have been updated to reflect upcoming expenses related to training for Pam and the older children and our travel. We would appreciate your prayers for God's provision in this area. Please contact us if the Lord lays our mission on your heart and you are interested in joining in our ministry with monthly gifts or helping with the very substantial needs we face before September.