Happy Easter!

As I come to the end of my first week, I wonder to myself, “How could I possibly share with you the amazing things I have felt and learned over the past seven days?” It would be impossible! Suffice it to say that the entire week was spent on Prayer! One week of the most wonderful and at sometimes gut wrenching teaching on this amazing gift of communications with our Creator that has been offered us. A gift I found very few (including myself) fully grasp the importance of, both to us as Christians and to our Heavenly Father.Continue reading the rest of this post...

My Training Has Begun!

Here I am in Lebanon after my first day of lectures. Wow! How God is going to keep 3 months of this information in my head is beyond me… that’s why He is God. The lectures today were mostly on prayer and intercession and were great. They are teaching us to fine tune our prayers so that God can do so much more through us.Continue reading the rest of this post...

Just Like Him!

When Jeff’s van broke down ten days ago it was diagnosed as needing a new transmission. The first quote of $2100.00 was later reduced to $1400.00 to help us out. We didn’t have $1400.00 so we prayed all weekend for God’s provision.

Last Monday, “out of the blue,” Jeff got a phone call from a customer in Mississippi who had sold a big piece of equipment that Jeff had left with him so long ago that he had completely forgotten about it. The customer said, “I have $2079.00 for you. Where should I mail the check?” Wow! That will pay for the van with $600.00 to spare! So the van got towed to the shop on Tuesday. On Thursday the mechanic called with a problem. While removing the old transmission, he found some parts fused together that he had not anticipated having to replace. He very generously offered to charge us for parts only, no labor, but it would cost another $600.00. Now isn’t that just like God to know our needs before we do and supply exactly what we need! The final repair bill was $2080. 35! God is good!

Thank God for Pam!

As we get closer to my departure, the stress is building, as you can well imagine. Simultaneously handing over the reins of The Colker Group, launching our ministry and preparing to leave in nine days has required more work than there are hours in the day. Just to keep things interesting, seven of our children are sick (Steven and the six youngest.) So much to do and so little time!

In addition, since we just ironed out the details of receiving contributions, financial support is far less than we anticipated at this point. However, throughout it all, Pam continues to demonstrate complete and total strength in the Lord. There are emotional times when she’s overwhelmed by all that is on her plate, but she never loses her conviction. How great God is in completing us with our spouses, knowing exactly what we need. Gen 2:21-24 I think a rib was a very small price for Adam to pay!

Our First Gift!

Wow! After a wonderful breakfast bringing him up to date on our progress, Jeff K., a very close family friend and a Christian who is growing closer to the Lord every day, gave me our first financial gift.

He explained that he and his wife, Kim, had been lead by God to become a part of our support team. I raced home and called a quick family meeting to share our blessing with everyone. What an exciting time! Thank you Lord for providing!

A Particularly Rough Day…

After a driving 2,000 miles this week throughout Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee making my last rotation to key distributors, the transmission in our 2001 van gave out in Cartersville, GA. It looks like an unexpected $1400 to $2000 expense.

I spent a bit of the afternoon twisted by discouragement and worry about money. Through Pam, Pastor David and others, I was reminded of His promise not to forsake us. Heb. 13:5 Prayer and humility for my failing to trust in Him brought me to back to a point of understanding of His protection and love for those who follow Him. In no time, I realized the foolishness of allowing a hunk of steel to become such a distraction from our mission. I will add this to my “lesson well learned” stack!

Affirmations From All Directions

As I continue my work for The Colker Group in preparation for handing it over, I have shared the news of our mission with customers all over my territory. God has offered some wonderful opportunities to witness and give our testimony to those who do not know Him. A few are dumb-struck by the “absurdity” of the plan because they lack the spririt (1 Cor. 2:14.)

Responses from my brothers and sisters in Christ have been uplifting, joyful, supportive and affirming. I’m especially moved by the tearful responses of customers who have become very close friends and prayer partners over the years. Many have shared that God has used our story to challenge them to consider their service in His kingdom. Amen!