Kids in Ministry?

I knew when I was here in Ukraine this past summer that there was far more work than workers (Mat. 9:37). We have been praying since last June that God would provide opportunities and ministries not just for Pam and me, but for the older children as well. I never could have imagined that He would provide so much in the way of ministry and options for our children. God has prepared them and their hearts for what none of us could have truly expected in adapting to our new lives here, and He has provided ministry for each that seems custom tailored for their unique talents and giftings.

Many months ago while traveling in the states, I had to defend our call as a family into missions to a pastor who felt that sending an individual or a childless couple into the field made far more sense than sending our large family. I remember being shaken by the exchange and my momentary doubt that God had called us. As I prayed about it, God firmly placed in my heart the vision and knowledge that the multiplication of His work is not just through Pam and me, but also through our children. I held firmly to that vision in the months leading up to our departure. It provided strength and encouragement during the difficult times. What a blessing to see that vision already producing fruit. Pam and I are so thankful for an opportunity to raise our children for Him in such a special way. To learn by growing up being led by God, living in faith for His every provision and becoming acquainted with and serving alongside so many wonderful men and women fully devoted to Him.

To read about how Greg, Steven, Emily and Jennie are serving, please click on their links on the kids page.

Computer Woes, Part 1

My apologies to those of you who are so patiently waiting for my response to an email or to those waiting for the latest news. Complaining about the lack of access to the internet, slow and difficult connections could only be outdone by the complete loss of my computer! And yes, I promise to never complain about the lack of speed if only I am able my computer back.

About 10 weeks ago little things began to go wrong with my computer, then one day...Continue reading the rest of this post...