Prayer Request

News from Ukraine: Monday evening, at 9:21 pm Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko dissolved parliament and called new elections.

President Yushchenko signs decree
dissolving the Rada

The country is split on what is happening. Many people say he doesn't have the right to do that, others say that he does. No one really knows what this means, but there is much political unrest right now in Ukraine. Basically it's Yanukovich our Russian leaning P.M. (with the police force) versus Yushchenko our Western leaning President (with the army and Secret Police, formerly the KGB). World leaders are calling for a calm peaceful democratic resolution to the crisis. At this point is is not clear who is in charge of this country of 47 million. The marches and protest have begun. This weekend over seventy thousand rallied here in Kyiv for the president and the dissolution of the Rada (Parliament). Some people even talk about civil war, but everyone I talk with see that as a distant possibility - very distant.

What does all this mean to the Colker’s? We are adhearing to the U.S. Embassy’s advisory to avoid large crowds and rallies. They are keeping all Americans here current on news and advisories. We are continuing with our ministry schedules. We are asking that you keep Ukraine and the current crisis in your prayers.