The mission’s world has lots of organizations and agencies, all offering tremendous opportunities to serve God worldwide. So why join YWAM in preference to other organizations? What are the unique aspects that YWAM brings to the missionary world?

Here are a few aspects of YWAM that show why we chose them:
  • YWAM offers a unique style of discipleship training that will prepare you for the rest of your life. "Our emphasis is on properly equipping the worker before sending them out to do the work."
  • YWAM is a multicultural organization with multicultural teams and centers.
  • YWAM is the largest organization of its kind, with some 17,500 full-time staff and 900 operating locations in over 160 nations ...
  • ... Yet YWAM often works in small teams and in partnership with other missionary agencies and local churches.
  • YWAM is always keen to pioneer new teams and ministries - they will consider the wildest and most adventurous ways of reaching those who are lost and needy.
  • YWAM is a group of Christians who seek to take the Gospel message across the world.

Click here for a video introduction: What is YWAM