Five Awesome Years

The Colker Family 2004

As we look back over the past five years we can see the fruit of our labors and the blessings of so many in our lives as we walked the path He laid before us. Mercy Trucks Ukraine continues an amazing testimony of service to the most vulnerable children of Ukraine. Our friends Stepan and Oksana along with Dr. Inna and Dr. Richard, and the help of so many others, continue the work we began and which is touching more and more lives throughout the country.  The ministry now also serves as a model for new Mercy Truck ministries around the world. Mercy Trucks International is expanding not only it's reach around the world, but also the various services of mercy it provides. Earlier this year we were able to launch Mercy Trucks Americas and we are close to seeing our first completed Mercy Truck launched into service in the Americas. Over the last year we have been blessed to be a part of the ministry of YWAM Lebanon supporting the equipping and training of so many new missionaries. Currently the base has graduates serving in 107 nations. In addition, we have seen a broad expansion of YWAM's impact in the central Pennsylvania region through partnerships with local ministries and churches to bring assistance and the gospel to our communities.  And finally, I was blessed to have been associated with a new health clinic in Lebanon. In a community where some of the worst economic indicators in the country exist, a partnership between local ministries with Water Street Ministries was launched in March, 2009 offering free medical services to individuals and families with no access to health care. Last month, I was able to take a team to Long Island, New York to collect two fully equipped dental office suites. We plan to expand the clinic's services into dental needs early 2010. It seems I never got very far from the passion for medical mercy work that God gave me. We pray for the continued work and impact of all these ministries.
After much prayer and consideration we have made the difficult decision to leave missions and re-enter the workforce. I will continue my position as a board member of Mercy Trucks International and my oversight of Mercy Trucks Americas. I will also continue to support and assist the Lebanon Health Clinic and the new dental clinic as time allows.  Although we will no longer be in full-time missionary service, we will never stop being missionaries. God has given all of us a tremendous passion for sharing the Gospel and being His hands in Mercy. Thank you for your prayers and support throughout our missionary journeys.  God used so many of you in so many ways to support us and our work. That has been one of the greatest evidences of His hand every  step of the way.

We will keep our web site up as an ongoing testimony to the power and faithfulness of our God. And we will continue to accept opportunities with churches and groups to share this awesome story. It is our prayer that our story will encourage others as they face impossible calls to service.

We are aware of many missionaries in need as well as ministries needing the kind of partners you have been to us. If you are looking for recommendations for the gifts you will be redirecting, we would love to share their needs with you. I would also like to recommend the ongoing ministries of Mercy Trucks who I will continue to serve.

The Colker Family 2009

We can not begin to express our gratefulness and love for your support. Please keep us in your prayers as we will continue to pray for you.

The Colker’s - Jeff, Pam, Greg, Steven, Emily, Jennie, Alison, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Paul and Grace