As we move forward with the development of Mercy Trucks Americas we continue to be blessed by God's faithful generosity. Our web site is up and running and we have printed a brochure to get the word out to educate people about the new ministry. We also have a great group of Christian leaders who have agreed to serve on our advisory board. Now we begin the work of processing our first vehicle.

For those who want offer practical assistance, financial or other support for the preparation of our first truck, I've written an outline of the schedule of work it needs. While this work is being completed, we will continue to focus on three other areas. First, locations in which to cultivate Mercy Truck bases. We are investigating opportunities as they present themselves and by the end of the summer we hope to have our first truck ready to plant a new ministry. Second, is equipment and supplies not just for the outfitting of each vehicle as it is prepared but also providing continuing support and supply to the new mercy ministries. And finally, the need for additional vehicles. As you can see at the web site, "Mercy Trucks" is a broad category. Though most of us think medical/dental, some of our trucks are simply supply trucks, trailers and other vehicles that can be used in various ways to ease pain and suffering. I have recently been looking at towable campers and trailers as not just supply transports, but actual medical and dental platforms. Please keep your eyes and ears open for vehicles, campers and trailers that could be donated or offered at low cost to the ministry. Contact us whenever you come across opportunities.


Phase 1: Body
1.1 Removing old signage and logos.
1.2 Body work on patches, dents, rust and dings.
1.3 Paint
1.4 Signage (vinyl lettering and graphics)

Phase 2: Mechanical
2.1 Exhaust system work
2.2 Chain system removal
2.3 Starter system serviced
2.4 Hydraulics and suspension serviced

Phase 3: Medical / Dental
3.1 Oxygen and or Air compressor systems
3.2 Potable water storage and delivery system with sink and hands free systems. Possible heated water system.
3.3 Generator and power system

Phase 4: Final Prep
4.1 Disinfection and sealing of medical/dental equipment & supplies.
4.2 Labeling and plan-o-grams
4.3 Packing of supplies
4.4 Final oil change, lube and tune-up

Phase 5: Transportation and Delivery

I will be updating and posting our progress during each phase. Please join with us in letting others know about the work of this new ministry by passing on our web site We are in great need of financial supporters, prayer partners and those wanting to volunteer at any stage.